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Dryer Repair

When dryers give you trouble, contact us. Our Etobicoke dryer repair specialists will troubleshoot and identify problems in a timely fashion. We help quickly and have the expertise to fix any home dryer. Depend on Appliance Repair Etobicoke no matter what the dryer problem is.

Want to maintain or install dryers at your home? Our company can assist you once again. Our pros are specialized dryer technicians. Whether you want repairs urgently or any other routine service, count on our effectiveness. Whether you have a regular top load appliance or a comb front load washer and dryer unit, we are the techs to trust for any service in Etobicoke, ON.

We service washers & dryers

Dryers are some of the smartest inventions. These appliances are the perfect laundry aid for any household in Ontario due to the harsh weather conditions. So when your top load dryer fails to function well, there is a great inconvenience. Dryers complete the work of washers. No wonder why there are comb units. Clothing is washed and dried in a few steps unless there are problems.

Ready to provide dryer repair in Etobicoke

One common dryer problem is lint over accumulation. Lint clogs the dryer’s tubes obstructing air flow. So the dryer keeps trying to dry yourtumble-dryer-repair garments but the results are disappointing. Suddenly, you realize that the clothes are still damp after a full cycle and don’t smell good. The energy bills increase and the appliance gets too hot. And these are good reasons for calling our dryer repair experts.

The professional experience of our dryer repair Etobicoke techs is exactly what you need. Aware of the problems and their consequences, we respond quickly to fix the appliance. There are dryer replacement parts in each service truck and so our techs can remove the damaged ones from your appliance and install new ones.

Want dryer installation? Need maintenance service? Call us

As specialists in dryers and their services, we don’t only install new components but also new appliances. Call us to schedule dryer installation with us. We adhere to all safety standards, go by the book, and do the job based on the dryer’s specs.

With both our installation and repair services, your dryer operates fine. But if you want to prevent issues and hence possible safety hazards, call us to provide regular dryer service. We do expert and thorough work regardless of the appliance’s type and brand. We fix the dryer to ensure it will operate without problems.

Call us for any service. We are here to maintain the appliance, install the new one, and do any dryer repair in Etobicoke.

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